Cloud Engineer (SDE-CRM)

Pune, Maharashtra, India | Full-time


Merkle|Sokrati, a leader in Paid Search & Social Advertising, provides a sophisticated technology solution to efficiently manage Digital Marketing campaigns for several brands in India. The technology developed takes a beating of serving and tracking 20M+ impressions a day. It runs crunching algorithms and keyword discovery routines using distributed computing, housing the entire data in distributed caches and sharded MySQL databases.

To be a geek at Merkle|Sokrati you need to know how to build scalable and high-performance systems. Nothing at Sokrati is small. We start with a proof of concept that demands a traffic rate of 10M+! To achieve any of this you need to understand Distributed Systems, Distributed Caching, High-scale Databases. And we possess the skills to create software that makes this entire heterogeneous system function together even if it runs on 100 boxes. A system that is so widely used cannot sustain any downtime and hence it uses elegant high-availability techniques to survive an outage. Not many startups can say “been there, done that”!


Job description

  • Architect Solutions for Cloud Based Software Development
  • Building & troubleshooting scalable web applications with ReST APIs, Micro services
  • Building Cloud Native applications using Python/Java, NodeJS or Golang with frameworks like Flask/Django, Springboot, ExpressJS
  • Deploying applications on to Google Cloud / AWS
  • Hands on experience to build & deploy containerized workloads using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Collaborating with teams using Git/Github, Jenkin/Circle CICD and Jira using project management skills and established security practices
  • Familiar with general DevOps/DevSecOps processes with Security first approach
  • Knowledge of professional best practices for the software development life cycle
  • Comply with best practices of coding standards
  • Conduct methodical code reviews
  • Experienced in working in an Agile development environment
  • Using strategies communication skills to run meetings and interacting with the clients
  • Experience to lead and/or mentor junior members of the team in addition to being a principal contributor

Education/ Skills & Competencies

  • Overall a minimum of 5+ years into application development
  • 1-2 years of experience into cloud native application development
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to communicate with the team and the clients
  • Problem Solving approach using design thinking and other comparable methods
  • Preferred a Certification in Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Architect/Cloud Engineer)
  • Bachelors/Master’s degree in Computer Science